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Conductive FIBCs
Conductive FIBCs
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Conductive FIBC’s should be used to avoid accidents caused by any type of electrostatic discharges which may occur during the filling discharge procedure.

There are four types of FIBC’s:

  • Type A: Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers made from non-conductive materials without any measures taken against electrostatic charging. a Type A FIBC must not be used to handle combustible dusts.
  • Type B: Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers made from non-conductive materials having a breakdown voltage not exceeding 6 kV. This reliably prevents the ignition of explosive dust atmospheres while explosive gas atmospheres can still be ignited. Similar to Type A, the Type B has no interwoven conductive materials.
  • Type C: Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers normally made of non-conductive fabric with interwoven conductive threads. The conductive threads must be interconnected with less than 107 ohm and must be grounded during filling and emptying operations.
  • Type D: Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers made from non-conductive materials containing an arrangement of conductive fibres which have no electrical contact to each other. These FIBCs are not conductive but enable a certain charge dissipation into the environment via corona-effect. Grounding of a Type D FIBC is not possible.

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All of our FIBC’s are certified to EC Regulations and each bag has the certificate number clearly printed on the label for your piece of mind.


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