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UN Approved FIBCs
UN Approved FIBCs
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UN Approved Bulk Bags : Hazardous Goods

Smartlift’s UN approved FIBC’s are manufactured to contain and transport hazardous goods to comply with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Materials, usually known as the “Orange Book”

Packing Group I (high danger), II (medium danger) and III (low danger)

  • X – acceptable for Packing Groups I, II and III substances
  • Y – acceptable for Packing Groups II and III substances only
  •  Z – acceptable for Packing Group III substances only

There are six categories of IBC. This includes four types of FIBC, constituting the majority of FIBCs, which are:

  • 13 H1 – PP FIBC woven, without coating
  • 13 H2 – PP FIBC woven, coated without liner
  • 13 H3 – PP FIBC without coating with liner
  • 13 H4 – PP FIBC coated with liner

UN tests, Several tests are applied to UN Certified FIBC’s in order to verify UN requirements such as:

  • Top lift test
  • Tear test
  • Stacking test
  • Drop test
  • Topple test
  • Righting test

Asbestos Removal

For the safe removal of asbestos we can supply lined FIBC’s that are UN Certificated and printed with the relevant hazardous warning labels that are government controlled.

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All of our FIBC’s are certified to EC Regulations and each bag has the certificate number clearly printed on the label for your piece of mind.


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