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Flood Defence

Smartlift Bulk Packaging are a key supplier of filled and unfilled sandbags to the flood defence market. We know that the needs in the this industry can be immediate so we specialise in being able to offer a just in time service, and keep a large stock of filled sandbags ready for immediate delivery at all times.

We stock a comprehensive range of sandbags including:

White Sandbags: 

These are the standard woven polypropylene sandbag usually seen at the side of the road or in a flood emergency. A product proven to be reliable time and time again.

Black Sandbags:

With added extra UV protection compared to the standard Sandbag these will last longer when left in-situ.

Hessian Sandbags:

The traditional, natural and more environmentally friendly alternative to the woven polypropylene plastic sandbag.


We are proud to be able to offer the JACKBOX® Flood Defence system as part of our flood defence range. JACKBOX® is the answer in finding an easy to deploy and effective flood defence solution. Each unit of 10 cells is self-supporting and light weight allowing for easy and flexible positioning before filling with earth, sand or ballast. Once filled the front impermeable sheet minimizes seepage while the semi-permeable unit material allows for the drainage of the fill material. Designed for easy dismantling and disposal each cell in the JACKBOX® unit can be individually lifted and broken apart using mechanical handling. This allows for the quick and clean disposal of the fill material while the JACKBOX® itself is fully recyclable.

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