The first half has passed with great pace and already we see our year shaping up to be the biggest ever. Largely down to our pro-active sales team who show relentless desire everyday to excel and prove to our clients why Smartlift is an important partner to any business. Brexit has had an affect on prices across imports in general and increasing raw material costs also have contributed to higher prices across the polypropylene markets. Our job is to keep these increases to an absolute minimum whilst ensuring our product retains its quality without compromise.

Work has started on our extension which sees our Head Office in Cambridgeshire increase its capacity by 60%. This necessary investment will allow us to hold greater stock levels which will help the business grow further into the next few years. Phase two of this project will most likely commence in 2018 which will see the new unit fitted with mezzanine flooring.

Our Paignton office has far exceeded expectation and is very quickly establishing itself as a primary supplier into the Devon and Cornwall markets. Credit to the team down there who are making good contacts and promoting our company as a trusted supplier of bulk bags and packaging goods.

The next 6 months will be very important for the whole country and its upto companies like us to keep pushing forward to make our European allies believe the UK is still and will always be a country to do business with. Its not upto everyone else its upto us ALL to work that extra bit harder and prove that the decision made on June 23rd 2016 was the right choice.

Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd, business as usual….