Of course we wish everybody a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and look forward to the trading year ahead. 2015 saw exception results in many areas of our business. The new members to the sales team have hit the ground running, our new office in Devon has already seen positive returns and plans to extend our head office have been submitted. All this has set us in good stead for 2016 but most importantly our clients have remained loyal and kept their faith in Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd to consistently deliver products that cater for their needs. Every business should focus and invest in their clients and that is the ethos within this business. Our ten year anniversary last year is testament to the close relations we like to have with our customers who demand that we remain consistent, innovative and competitive.

With regards to innovation, additions to our product range including; SMARTAINER, JACKBOX and SMARTFRAME demonstrate our ability to find solutions where others have failed. Smartainer offers a re-sealable onsite containment unit that is lightweight, flexible and cost effective. JACKBOX has become a major player in temporary flood defence and SMARTFRAME solves the age old problem of keeping empty bags upright and open for filling. 2016 will also see new products coming into our portfolio that are designed as problem solving packaging solutions.

Of course my blog is always very positive and boastful of our achievements but I also accept that we must concentrate harder on the areas that require improvement. Failure to identify such areas can catch up with a business so we use any opportunity for improvement as a positive exercise. My team and I will continue to strive for high standards in all areas of Smartlift.

Finally, I would like to extend our thanks to all clients and suppliers alike who supported us last year and continue to support us through 2016.

Trevor Bland

Managing Director