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Ethical Policy


1) It is imperative to the future of our business to build and maintain long term relationships with our suppliers.

2) Regular assessments of our production sites to ensure continued improvement.

3) All employees are treated in a decent and respectful manner and given the right to join trade unions or local workers associations

4) Smartlift and all its suppliers either national or international are to Comply with all Ethical Trading legislation including;

Rates of pay
Terms of employment
Employee minimum age (Workers to be at least 16 years old regardless of local law)

Health and Safety
Smartlift and all of its suppliers are required to adhere to and enforce all relevant local and national regulations concerning Health and Safety.

Environmental Responsibility
All relevant local and national regulations are to be met

To ensure the future of our supply chain and the consistency and quality of our products we shall regularly review this statement to ensure all new legislation is adhered to and also to ensure our systems remain solid and above all they remain Ethical.

Trevor Bland

Managing Director


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