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Hazardous & Chemicals

Smartlift are able to supply a full range of packaging suitable for the specialist needs often required in the Hazardous and Chemical Industries. This can range from UN approved packaging through to a specialist FIBC for an unusual application. With over 60 years combined experience in this sector we have the knowledge and expertise to help with any requests or specialist projects our customers may have.

UN Approved Packaging

Smartlift’s UN Approved Packaging is manufactured to comply with the United Nations recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Materials, usually known as the “Orange Book”. We stock a range of UN Packaging including FIBC’s that may be suitable for your needs for immediate delivery. For bespoke items and projects we can help our customers with made to order packaging to their own specialist requirements.


Smartainer is a flexible, intermediate bulk container that has been certified to UN standards and is suitable to contain packaging group II & III materials. It was developed to overcome some of the limitations of existing, less practical, non-compliant hazardous waste container systems such as drums, wheeled bins and cut off rigid IBC’s.

Depot Bag

Resulting from a demand for a FIBC to carry sheet asbestos the Smartlift Depot Bag was born. The depot bag is suitable for the removal of bonded asbestos fibres and certified to Packaging Group II for the safe removal of Asbestos under UN codes 2212 & 2590.

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