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Food Processing & Manufacturing

Smartlift supply products to recognisable brand names and manufacturers of food ingredients in the UK who demand contamination free goods along with the usual quality of service that we provide. The necessity for an effective hygiene policy to fulfil the requirements of companies involved in the food and chemical sectors means all of our manufacturing facilities are either HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and/or BRC/IOP (British Retail Consortium / Institute of Packaging) certified.

All of our food grade FIBC’s are manufactured using the following equipment;

  • Ultrasonic cutting to prevent loose thread contamination.
  • Sewing machines with embedded heat-sealing cutting units and vacuum systems to prevent loose thread contamination.
  • Metal detection.
  • Air-washer systems that ensure finished FIBC’s are free from loose fibres and foreign bodies.
  • Floor grills.
  • Light tables.


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